Elegant and Intricate Paisley Pashmina Wrap Deep Blue

$14.99 $22.00

Shop LuLu has been known for our gorgeous pashminas since 2005. For my whole life my family owns a lampshade factory overseas. The kids I grew up with now have taken over their family factories and I have had the great pleasure of being able to import from them these wonderful pieces. 

Pashminas are a blend of wool and silk . The silk gives an elegant sheen and softness to the wool and the wool provides warmth and comfort in this gorgeous wrap.  Decorate your favorite look or even your home with this classic global import. 

This piece in gold and a deep rich has a wonderful transitional look and works well with neutrals and dark tones. 

Large Pashmina Scarf / Shawl / 55% Pashmina / 45% Silk / Size: 80" x 27"

Dry Clean Only

Shop LuLu is a community based shop , since 2005 we have been creating jobs for working mothers and job training for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.