Cozy by LuLu - Starfish Scarf in Coral

$18.00 $36.00


A scarf is a great way to Refresh What you Already Own.  It can bring new life into your most basic and favorite outfits. 

I am a mom of two little girls, most of my time and fun money go to them but one thing I know that is true for me is that no matter how boring an outfit feels a scarf definitely gives it a fresh new attitude. 

I could not love the look of this scarf more. We all have the friend that always looks so perfectly put together. I have done the work for you and this piece is a beautiful way to polish off any outfit. 

I am a beach girl. I pack up my stuff and hit the beach from June til August every summer with my two little besties and we relax and enjoy. I love this starfish scarf. It is super lightweight with a plated starfish print in white. Very full and voluminous. Measures 40 x 72. It's a lot of scarf to work you best tying tricks with. Made of 100 % hypo sensitive poly materials.