Buddha Shamballa Bracelet

$14.99 $28.00

Some People May See the Shamballa Bracelets as just a fashion trend but the do share a deep significant meaning . Shamballa is actually a mythical kingdom that Buddhist believe in. It is said to be a place of of balanced peace , enlightenment and clarity.

This Buddha Shamballa is designed for both men and women. The bracelet is an adjustable slide. Black threading and silver toned buddhas are a great reminder to wear on their own or with pieces you already own. Use them to remind you to find your inner peace or just a reminder to breathe. 

Our Bracelet is Cast Silver Heads, Strung on a cord that makes this bracelet adjustable for both men and women. Add it to your stack of Mala beads or wear it on it's own. 

Arrives in a Natural Canvas Gift Bag hand packed by our staff. 

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We meditate a lot in my house. In the car, before bed, when we just need to remind ourselves to breathe. Someone from our factory sent me one of these a few months ago and a find myself touching my wrist several times a day to remind me to breathe. It helps me to find my clarity in a very hectic day. I wanted to share them with friends and we seem to have developed a little trend locally with these.