5.5-foot Jumbo iPool Smartphone Swimming Pool Float, Inflatable Water Raft by Sol Coastal

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If you are here, you are here because Jill is raving about this product on her blog.  It is only available on Amazon.  Check out 5.5-foot Jumbo iPool Smartphone Swimming Pool Float 

Jill's web series " What's Good " focuses on an unbound plus size life and she and her family on traveling the globe in search of " What's Good " 

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Brand: Sol Coastal


  • JUMBO-SIZE: 5.5-feet long? Smartphones are getting so big these days, it's ridiculous!
  • FUN IN THE SUN: This is the first smartphone on the market that's 100% water resistant. Amazing
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: Features a colorful screen, camera and microphone, but sorry, no headphone jack
  • TRENDY APPS: This float comes pre-loaded with 16 apps, including Snapthat, Pandorify, and Flixtube
  • WORRY FREE: Includes an emergency patch kit. No need to make an appointment at the store
  • 5.5-foot Jumbo iPool Smartphone Swimming Pool Float 


Makes a splash, takes a splash.

iPool dramatically improves the most important aspects of the smartphone experience. It has the biggest screen on the market for enhanced visibility, doesn't require a battery, and is the only phone on the planet that's an effective mode of water transportation. Most phones short out the moment they touch water! Not the iPool. Enjoy 16 preloaded apps on the bright, colorful display. But wait, we've saved the best improvement for last: we've finally eliminated the headphone jack. In the event you require technical support, there's no need to make an appointment with the geniuses at the store. We've included an emergency patch kit that will fix your iPool right up.

Why you'll love it:

It's a phone you can take to the pool! You don't have to worry about getting this phone wet, that's what it's made for! The large screen display allows for plenty of room to stretch out, float along, and enjoy the summer sun! Take it anywhere; the beach, the lake, the pool. Hop on your new phone floaty and surf it until you reach your summer paradise.

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