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I started my first company at age 13. I made tie-dyed t shirts and wholesaled them to small businesses. I was bitten by the entrepreneur bug. 
In 2005 I walked away from a six figure job in a technology firm in Human Resources after a hiring manager took the resume of a woman who had recently had a baby, crumpled it up in front of me , threw it in the trash bin and told me she was useless.  That was it. I broke. I had my Aha Moment and started Shop LuLu as an online eCommerce business in 2005. 
From there - we grew into a small booth in a weekend only Amish Farmer's Market in Pennsylvania, won a bazzillion awards, won the hearts of many and I have never looked back. 
In 2014 I moved into a more E Commerce friendly location and we work with other moms on flex time schedules - finding a job that allows you to be there for your kids and earn for your family is hard. My dream is to create as many opportunities as I can for other moms. 
.In 2016 we began working with a local program to create job training for your adults with special needs. 
It is my heart-song, my oldest daughter was born at 26 1/2 weeks, she was less than 2 pounds. A doctor told me she was never going to walk, never going to talk and she was mentally retarded. Thankfully, through a lot of hard work she is almost 12, loves Twenty One Pilots and is a sassy, sarcastic teen who is in a typical school. I am forever thankful, the work I do with SITE is the most important to me.  
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Every single order, every single interaction creates teachable moments, for myself, for our Site Program Participants and for our helpers.  
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Our Customers are Everything to me, I could not do what I do without them. If in doubt about our site, here is what they say...... 
From Jill Fella - You can truly find everything and anything you need to compliment any outfit no matter what occasion, season and style. Fast shipping, excellent customer service, carefully curated quality products..you can't beat the experience of shopping online at shoplulu.com. I'm a loyal LuLu'er for life.
My go to "special place" for all my gifts & coolest goodies! LuLu fan 4 Life! - Candace Roseso
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The Real Star of the Show , LuLu, Shop LuLu's Name Sake - she is 17 this year. I am hoping she is immortal. 
Just a few of the award that show we are a company of good, nice people. People really vote and like us , starting all the way back in 2012 and we just won again in 2017...... ( pats self on back ) 
And if you are not impressed yet..... I am an Aveeno " Real Woman " check me out in this Ad..that's even my voice in the voice over - legit famous now....

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Join Us Our Mission is to Create Job Training for Young Adults with Special Needs.

Every Order Creates a training Opportunity and we fill your order with heartfelt gratitude

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