Now Shipping Internationally ! All Orders Ship from Wilmington, Delaware except Custom Prints ( Onesies, Swim Trunks etc. ) from Rage On  They Ship from Poland. 

Things to Know about Ordering a Custom Print Item from Shop LuLu and RageOn

We were flattered in July that Rage On thought that we had just the right customers for their products and were proud to sign on for our Rage On Collaboration. 
Each Product is Made Just for You - The Process if Very Time Consuming. 
Some things to know..... 
1. Most Products are Printed in Poland and take 11 - 23 BUSINESS DAYS unless otherwise stated to arrive. 
2. Once you place your order the printing process begins. We can not cancel placed orders.  
3. Paying for upgraded shipping does not do anything. It does nothing literally nothing . Product times and shipping times stay the same. 
4. You check 2 boxes to get this product. Both acknowledging that we have disclosed this time and policy to you. We video cap the screens and we have never lost against someone claiming that they do not know which is why we put those boxes there. 
You CAN NOT purchase this product without checking these acknowledgements. 
You can't.... go ahead and try it. 
5. All Sales are Final. Period. End of Story. 
6. If you think you are still going to return this product and just send it back to us or try some other way we charge a DISCLOSED 40 % Restocking Fee .  
7. We have done all we can to explain these rules to you, If you have chosen not to read the NOT VERY FINE PRINT that is ok, we are not mad at you , we just hope that you understand that we value you and would never want you mad at us but we have tried everything we can think of to get you to read this. 

Every Order Creates a training Opportunity for Young Adults with Disabilities

Bonus = Receive Sales & Specials