Make Money from Home with Shop LuLu !

Now, I am like you and reading this my first thought is Really. What is the Catch ? Where is the investment, the kit, the pyramid scheme ?  And my answer to you is ... There is None. 

This is true earnings , no scam, doing something that some of you are already doing. 

All you need to do is share our products with your social networks. 

Let me go backwards and explain to go forward in helping you earn some fun money , at home, on your time even in your pajamas. 

In 2005 I left my cushy six figure job at a recruiter for some of the top technology companies in the Philadelphia region. I was good at my job, I loved what I did and I had done it for 13 years but then very clearly my life had changed. I had gotten married and I was considering having my first child. 

How would I work the 90 hour weeks I was clocking ? Who would watch the baby ? I didn't know how I was going to be able to work and then be a mom. 

Then one day, I broke. With my mind full of questions about my own future I had a great phone interview with a perspective candidate for a high level job that I was working on. Her resume was a perfect match, she aced her phone interview with me but I had noticed there were some dates missing. I had asked her why she hadn't been working in the last five years and she said to me, " Jill , I have been working, I have been home raising my son, that's work , but now he is going to school full time so I am ready to go back to work " .  She was a perfect candidate for the job, she had exactly the experience our client was looking for.  Excited to have such a great match I presented her resume to the account manager who had the job opening. I was smart enough to know to pitch her experience first , telling him excitedly and confidently that she was his perfect candidate. He loved her background and agreed that she was a contender but then he asked me to see her resume and asked me " but what has she been doing for the last five years . "  Now to give you some history, this guy was an ass.  He then took her resume and pushed it off his desk and told me she wasn't going to work. 

That was the moment, Oprah Calls them Aha Moments, but that was the day I set out to start a company where I could help women earn money . 

I started in April of 2005 as an online handbag and accessory