Meet Jill 

I started my first company at 5 years old. I was CEO of JillCo and I found my dad's blank checks and wrote them all out to Luke Skywalker. 

I can't exactly describe the where and the when of who or what I am but to quote Alice Merton " I've got no Roots but my home was never on the ground " . 

I have had over a million jobs ( maybe 100 ) I am an excellent storyteller, like most successful entrepreneurs I have wicked ADHD  which means I start 90 projects and finish about 3. 

The one job I take the most seriously is Empowering Girls to know that they are limitless starting with my own 2 daughters. The one truth is life is that we are all born. We are all in that moment of birth born with unlimited potential. No one is better, no one is worse, we learn from each other, we grow from one another, every single person you come in contact with you leave mutual imprints. 

My dream is to make you believe in yourself in ways you never thought imaginable. 

So why are you here ? Why are you reading about me ? In 2005 I started . My goal was to create flex time jobs for working mothers. It kind of worked but not to the level where I thought it would. In 2016 we became a job training site for young adults with exceptional abilities. 

That work is my heart song. 

I have never made a lot of money selling cheap accessories but it has given me access to amazing women, allowed me to create a gathering space for the community and above all else, it keeps me out of trouble.