Roadtripping to the Keys - Wilmington, DE to Islamorada

July 13, 2019

Wander... Driving from Wilmington, Delaware to Islamorada, Florida

Have you Done the Drive ? 

This is my first long car ride... ever.. with my family. We are driving the coast. We are taking 3 days to get from Wilmington, Delaware to Southern Florida. I picture it as my husband and I in the front, on our own journey and our two girls in the back frantically trying to connect to a Wifi. I am hoping to deprogram them a bit and have them experience the excitement of a new experience. 

 I would love to know what you like and where you stay. 

I want to see amazing thing, weird things, experience local things and most importantly be present in our journey. 

 In my life in it's current form, most of my day to day friends only have met me post kids, in my mom life but before being rooted in Wilmington I never stayed very long in one place. I am a collector of people, of experiences and I can't wait to get back out and get back to the adventure. 

My journey is about the imprint. The imprint we leave on others and the one they leave on us. Every single person I interact with leaves me with something, Good or Bad, we walk away taking a tiny piece of them with us and we leave a tiny piece of us with them. 

I love life on the road and while I may be big and loud in my presentation of who I am I have found that all of us are just looking to make a connection and listening goes a lot farther than talking . 

Already Set.... 

Hotel in Islamorada - La Siesta


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