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10 Prime Finds Under $10 for your Cringy Tween

Eye Rolls, Smirks & Shrugs are all Part of the Job

Add these little gizmos and gadgets to your next Prime Order 

 Your tweens still won't think you are cool but maybe you will get a hug instead of a shrug. 

Bonus Points.... maybe they will let you take their picture without a Peace Sign, Bunny Ears or slumped over their phone. 

Two Tween Girls Call me Mom. On a Good Day. I love them. I made them. Nothing prepared me for this stage of life. They are GREAT kids. Smart, Strong and absolutely willing to stand their ground for what they call " living hate crimes " ( people who are racist, discriminate against special needs people etc. ) While it is never easy to navigate the teen years here are 10 products I buy, try and own from Amazon Prime under $10 that make life just a wee bit easier. 

All of these pieces are on ShopLuLu with a Link right to Prime.

 There is no shame in my hustle game I need to disclose that I do get paid to share these products with you. 

Headphone Splitter in Rose Gold

Headphone Splitter in Rose Gold

Genius Little Invention for the rare moment that they want to watch something together but more likely when they are with their friends and want to watch videos together

Tween Slime Bowl Kit

Slime Making Tool Kit

These were necessary because my kids ruined my favorite Wonder Woman Mug with their slime creations and my food containers are all covered in glitter

Pop a Piggie 5 Pack

Pop a Piggie - 5 Pak

A 5 pack of Piggie Stands on Prime is so much cheaper than buying just one of these cute little piggle butts. 

Plus we can share them with friends. They are super cute. 

Heated Bag Sealers

This is a Genius Invention

My kids are famous for opening a bag of cereal and just shoving it back in the box. We are on at least our 8th round of these tiny stapler looking heat sealing machines. When pressed the end filament gets hot enough to melt the bag back together like it is factory sealed. These little gizmo has so many uses. If we are traveling I take a baggie for our daily pills and make little sections.  It really is a handy little machine. We drop them a lot for some reason so we have worked through a bunch but they really are a must have. 

My Serial Shruggers at the Facebook NYC Office 

Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs

Have a Noise Sensitive Child ?

My oldest has Aspergers. She wears these on the bus. It's nice because since they are clear ( the cords pull out ) they are harder for the other kids to see. They come in a little pocket sized carrying tube. 

Paper Organizer

This one is for your Mom 

Until I had a system all of those first day papers like lunch numbers, locker combinations and bus assignments were lost in the pile on my desk. I adopted a habit of having one file for each child and  this folder has 5 pockets. I do school, doctor, sports, and then leave the back two for awards and keepsakes then file them away. Each new school year I buy a new file system for each child. If I ever need to go back, I know exactly where I can find what I need. 

butt face soap

I guess I am a bit of an Assh*le Mom

Butt there are some days, that I really wonder if they use soap when they shower and even grosser, they share a shower so who knows what they do in there. I feel like this double sided soap makes it pretty clear. 

The Creepy Baby Hand is a Must Own ! 

We spend hours entertaining ourselves with the Creepy Baby Hand making videos all over NYC.  Seriously, some days we laugh so hard I pee. It's so much fun to mess around with - Play the little video, it's hours of silly fun. 

Creepy Baby Hand

Grab your Own Creepy Baby Hand on Prime 

They come as singles, we bought 4 for pairs.

Finger Feet

And of Course there are Finger Feet

The feet come in a pair, luckily you get a left foot and a right foot. 

Flying Disco Ball

The Coolest Beach Toy at Night

While it takes a bit of getting used to, and I would NOT recommend it for little kids, and WATCH YOUR HAIR. This little guy looks super fun on the beach in the dark. 

What's Good with Jill - Teacher Gift Edition

Congratulations Moms, Grads and Teachers !

You did it !!! 

We did it !!!

I did it !!!!! 

Another school year in the bag ! 

Now let's get out there and party like 

there is no 2018 - 2019 school year ahead ! 

For Today's What's Good I have decided to let our customer service team tell us what they are printing, packing and shipping based on what our ShopLuLu.com customers are finding , loving and gifting. 

Featured Products

Here they are, the stars of today's What's Good 

Almost Gone at a Special Price... 

Our Black and White Bohemian Round Towel special is happening. At just $14.99 this great deal is too good to pass by. 

Small Piano Studs

If your choice of Silver or Gold these Tiny Piano studs have great detail and won't leave you flat. 

A Trio of Pineapples

Not too small but just the right size for keys, cellie, lipstick and a few essentials this trip of popping pineapples makes an excellent summer go to clutch

Shoulder Sweeping Styles

This has been our best selling earring to date in 2018. This east west tassel earring with matte gold accent and long tassel 

Rope Handle Navy Whale Print Canvas Tote

Nothing screams a Summertime like a Nautical Rope Handled Canvas Beach and Pool Tote

Stay Salty Being Bangle

Our Newest Message - Stay Salty, love it for those Mermaid Mamas or the ones who just can't let it go ! 

Without Music Life Would B Flat 

It makes me smile everytime ! A fun play on the note ! 

Hola , Hello Beach Throw

100 % Cotton this throw is the absolute best. One of my favorite pieces that we have ever curated. I personally own 4. They go with me everywhere, great when you need a place to sit, save a chair and at the end of the day, the cotton is so soft they are great to snuggle up in. 

Rose Gold Tiny Pineapple Studs

In stock in Silver as well the Rose Gold is 2018's trendy tone

Soul Sisters Being Bangles

Our Best Selling Skinny Bangle in our Best Selling Soul Sister Mantra Message. Available in Silver, Gold or Rose Gold at just 7.99 each you can have a tribe of soul sisters to sparkle up 

Family Fun and Must Haves - The Beach Edit Summer 2018

Who is Ready for Summer Fun ?

I have searched the web here is my ..

What's Good Guide for Summer 2018 

There are absolutely affiliate links in this article.

 If I am sending you to Amazon it is an advertisement


See that Photo up there ? It's Me, in the black.... two things that you need to know 

1. That is the only photo of me in a swimsuit in existence which leads me to

2. That is the BEST BATHING SUIT EVER !!! 

I had mentioned it in my Mom's group and I know there were a lot of local Mamas who had grabbed it.  There is something about the cut of the fabric that just works out really really well. I am a solid size 18/20 and I have never felt so Kardashian in a suit.  I have a short torso and I had to buy a 4XL ( definitely hurts the old ego a bit ) but by far... this this suit !!!  These are the 3 I have picked up and own from Prime and my thoughts under each one. They all come in all sizes and the prices are all over the place on Amazon but PLEASE trust me on this one.... try it. You can always send it back !  The best part, all of these are under $25 on Prime 

Black Bathing Suit

I think there is Magic in Here
Seriously, this look amazing on everyone. I know you are looking at it and going, what the heck !! Trust me, it's worth a try. I have HUGE boobs and it totally works. The panels are flattering, I actually got compliment in my suit !  I have been told some of the colors start at $4.00

Take the risk, channel your inner Kim K. The worst thing that happens is you love it then remind your husband of the hotness you are and he starts shaving his back again . 

 You're Welcome 

There are a lot of colors available here 

Plus Size Navy Blue Bathing Suit

Definitely Not for an Ocean Frolic
A hot tub with adults. For sure

Swimming in the ocean with your kids...not so much...  Only if you are ok with a boob popping out.  I am not French. I am a chubby mom who grew up at the Jersey shore. Nipples out ... Not Ok. 

Again, the girl with the huge boobs here, the ladies sit nicely in the hammocks there, I had to pop the built in cups out , they did weird things but if you want to turn up the heat with the husband or looking for a new one, this is the way to go ! 

Sizes and Colors Here 

Two Piece Plus Size Suit

Because Moms Need to Get it Done 

There is nothing worse than frolicing  with your kids in the pool and then you being the one to have to go to the bathroom.

You drag them out of the pool crying, then you have to bribe them with the snack bar to make the long 5 foot trek to the ladies lounge , eat the snack, run from the bees and the next thing you know it's time to go home and make dinner.  Two pieces, easy up , easy down. 

Not the most trend setting but this suit gets it done. 

Check them out here.

Swim Floats

I have a problem with swim floats, it's me, it isn't my kids. 

I just love them. Unapologetically, gleefully and dangerously love them. 

 We have a shed full of about 200 of them that I have collected at our beach house. We have a giant community pool that no one uses and on any given day you will find me trying to haul my big butt up onto a poor Inflatable Crocodile.

 I am not even sorry about that. 

Here are a few of my favorites this year, all available on Prime. 

and Moms the Octopus Guy is just a courtesy eye candy for your Monday ! 

Click on the Photos to be Taken right to Amazon 

Giant Octopus Float
Family Island Float
Rose Bottle Pool Float
Balloon Animal Pool Float
Water Wheel
Giant Cell Phone
Big Fun Family Waterpark
Rose Pink Flamingo
Fun Water Wheel
Golden Unicorn
Avacado Pool Float
Air Pump

managing the elements

My oldest daughter has Aspergers. She does not like the beach. I live for the beach. I think sand in my suit means a day well played.  My daughter, that one grain of sand can take a perfect beach day and ruin the whole day for our whole family. I get it, I am super empathetic which leads me to this section. I do not take her sensory issues lightly but I am going to call myself a sort of " Comfort Expert " when it comes to family management at the beach or the pool . 

Sun and Sand 101 

My kids are 11 and 12 so I have been in the game for a bit. I also somehow have produced one of the whitest humans I have even seen.  Here are a few tried and true items I live with to make my summer a bit better. 

Sand Mitt - Removes Sand

The # 1 Product People ask me about from my 2017 list 

I wrote a list last year so you 

may see some repeats here but this by far was the one product I was thanked for the most.  I own 4 of these. 1 in my beach bag, 1 in my car, 1 in my pool bag and 1 for backup in case the other three disappear. 

No fancy technology here but this little mitt is the bomb. It just zooshes the sand off of feet, butts, eyelids. It's a miracle product and a life saver ! 

It pops in the washer with the towels for a quick clean up and you are back at sand removal in no time. 

Grab one for every mom you know on Prime 

Sun Bum

Hypoallergenic, Vegan, Paraben and Gluten Free

Also coming back from last year's list....My kids are allergic to the most random things. On several occasions I have gone through the loving act of slathering one of my children in sun screen only to have them screaming in pain like I lit them on fire.  We finally found Sun Bum last year. Their products are truly a life saver for my sensitive family .

Their lip protector is yummy, like your favorite lip smacker from the 8th grade and we use their aftersun products as well. 

See their entire line of Sun Care Products Here. 

Hola Hello Throw

You can Sit with Me

That is my actual photo. 

At our swim club you have to stalk chaises, and when you finally get one, it's usually wet with someone else's... well gunk.  I like to think it's pool water but it's a nasty combination of sunscreen, water, who know what else. 

The greatest thing about our rectangle throws is that they are cool and cotton, the sand slides right off. We sit on them all day and then we wrap up in them as we head back to the car. Because they are cotton they are soft and tightly woven for sand management. 

Available for Local Pick up

All Cotton Throws in Stock at ShopLuLu

Snuba Sun Shade

I can't lie to you ...
 I have spent a few minutes cursing at this thing. 

It's one of the tests of motherhood wills. 

It's like a twist and a pop to get it back in it's case.  Sure. 

After spending 40 sweaty, sandy covered minutes figuring out the right twist and the right pop.  My daughter lives in this thing. If I forget it, she spends the day sitting under the boardwalk scowling. 

Well Worth the money. 

I also won't lie, there may or may not have been one really windy day that this thing was sitting empty and launched like a rocket and took out a few families on the beach. 

IN the long run, the shade is worth the social awkwardness. 

Colors Here 

Battery Fan

This goes in the Tent
It's a portable, light weight battery fan.  Needless to say it probably is more wishful thinking that it has super cooling properties but it does come in handy.  There are days that we go for the long haul and it gets sweaty in the sand tent. It make everyone happy. 

Do NOT get the big idea that you can spray water into it and you will have a misting.... as I am now on my second one... 

Battery Operated. Under $15 dollars, fits in a beach bag and I would highly recommend carrying around  some extra batteries cause if this baby dies mid-day Mom's fun is over ! 

It's 5 inches in diameter and runs on D batteries. Great for young and old ! 

Check them out here 

Cell phone sand pouches

The Best $2 you can spend
We took a family vacation to Mexico and went to a waterpark. We got there late and there were no lockers to rent. We had our keys, our money and our cell phones. The waterpark was selling a similar pouch for 9 dollars. They are triple sealed to keep out the sand and water and they fit the really big cell phones. The pouch is touch friendly. Full phone functionality. I had seen people trying to take pictures through them and swimming with them under water. I am NOT telling you that this is the answer with these as they are $2 dollars but for safe water and sand protection we have them in stock. 

Local Pickup Available Wilmington, DE  

Tripe Seal Pouches 

Just Keeping in Real 

Let's Face it as Moms in the Summer we are expected to be Ninja Stealthy in all sorts of real life problem solving. From Bees Stings to Scraped Knees.  Dripping Ice Cream to Summer Boredom, here are a few life saving products I have in my life that just keeps my tribe happy. 

First Aid Kit

Preparation is Key 

For those times that you have Youtube in one hand learning how to handle that Boo Boo emergency while fumbling for that old band aid in your purse 

I bit the bullet and went big.

 We travel everywhere in the summer with an emergency First Aid kit. Sometimes just the peace of mind of having 100 pieces of First Aid on hand makes me a bit more confident I am  able to share in the wealth of medical supplies with another mom. I like the appearance of being ready. How I feel when I see any child bleeding is a different story. 

First Aid Kit on Prime 

B12 Nuggets

There is NO Science here. But I did not get ONE mosquito bite last year. 

I was one of those kids who was covered in mosquito bites all summer. I swear the first mosquito of the season has a tiny picture of me in a Wanted sign. I guess I am just that sweet. All kidding aside and there is absolutely no medical or scientific claim here but I took 1000 mcgs of Vitamin B12 last summer daily and did not get ONE BITE. NOT ONE and I live outside all summer. The downside, your pee smells terribly and the capsules are the size of my chihuahua but it's worth it to me! 

Vitamin B12


When All Else Fails there is UNO

I have been traveling around with UNO for over 5 years. Ask me, anytime you see me ask me to show you my UNO. It saves my life on so many occasions. My purse pack is so old school and worn.We play all the time. waiting for doctors, waiting for food at restaurants.

Pool Side is a favorite time but the cards fly away at the first breeze. Then we found this off brand set.

These plastic UNO cards are awesome because not only are they waterproof they are plastic so they don't take off in a summer breeze. 

Available on Prime 


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Feel Good Friday at ShopLuLu.com

Thank you for an amazing season.... 

While my moving around the local area is nothing new with my seasonal popups, this particular season has been amazing. I am so thankful for the lucky  13 years of Local Shopping. I have been so lucky to meet so many strong, inspiring, kind and generous women.  

The local office at 2417 Silverside is closed for the season but for the summer all pick ups and return drop offs will be at Natural Nails on Marsh Road. 

 Something that is important to me is that owning  ShopLuLu allows me to support the schools and organizations in our community.  Shopping small is so important. We see stores closing every day. Big Stores, stores we thought would never fail. Running a retail business is nearly impossible these days. It's a sad state of the shopping world. 

Beyond making financial donations to the schools and nonprofits who support us we also are a job training center for the Brandywine School District's SITE program. It is a program that helps young adults from 18 - 21 gain real life job training to gain paid employment when they leave the program. You can read more about our work with SITE Here

Working with SITE  at the Holidays. Even my husband is in on the action. We are so thankful every single day that we have the chance to teach about Integrated Workspaces. 

My Heartsong - In 2005 I was told my daughter was never going to walk or talk. I knew right then our lives would be different. She walks and talks but the least I could do is help other families help their children with job skills. 

Thank you for you Support of my business and allowing me to have the time with my girls !  Being their mom inspires me everyday.  I would love to tell you more about how your company can create job training or create employment for the Special Needs Community.  Just send me an email... jill@shoplulu.com 

I am not done for this season just yet.... 

I have a TON of small items, some really nice jewelry, scarves, sweaters, hats including kids furry bear hats, hair clips and when I say some, I mean TONS of it left that I just want to move on and I would love to donate to the local charities. schools and non-profit or not for profit organizations.  I am making appointments for Friday and I would like to donate to as many as I can with the goal being about 100 - 300 dollars worth of merchandise to as many places as I can. I do require documentation so a form or letter  will be needed either at the time of donation or afterwards.  


02 April 2018


I don't know anyone who is ready for this...

I don't know any little girl that holds a baby doll in her arms and whispers,

 " I really want to be a Special Needs Mommy".

I don't know anyone who finds out they are pregnant and thinks,

 "I really hope my baby has Autism."

I don't know any mom of any 12 year old girl who thinks raising a teen in 2018 is easy. 

Don't tell me God only gives me what I can handle.  

I can barely master my own life.

Somehow I am responsible for the heart and heads of my 2 tween girls. 

Don't tell me that my daughter doesn't look like she has Autism. 

I will ask you what Autism looks like. 

Don't you dare use the word Retarded if I am within earshot. 

That word was retired a long time ago. 

I will educate you the same way I was educated. 

You may be embarrassed at first, as I was and will be too but I know that I will be creating change. 

I don't just have a child with Autism. We are a family with Autism. 

We are not that much different than a family who has a child with a peanut allergy. 

We just know our limits. We know what we can and can not do.

After reading this, you may say " Jill I had no idea" 

and I will tell you it doesn't change a thing. 

All I did was put a word on what you already know.

Don't tell me that her Asperger's is a disability. 

It is a Super Power.

She is by far one of the most amazing thinkers I know.

She is evolved. Her brain is more on par with how future thinkers will develop. 

There is Science to Prove this.

If you spend time with her and watch her dissect, analyze and focus on a topic that she is interested in, you will need to pick your jaw up off the floor. 

Her thinking is razor sharp.

Her ability to piece facts together and create a mental timeline is the reason most adults take Adderall

Don't tell me that we don't say Asperger's anymore , that it is an " old term " and that she is highly functioning on the spectrum .

Autism has become a convenient and easy catch all phrase.

I can name at least 100 children of friend's with Autism and every single one is different

and unique

and amazing 

and to be celebrated. 

Don't call her my Autistic child.

She is my daughter, living in a world that she doesn't quite know where she fits. 

Do any of us ? 

She has an insane ability to pick up any musical instrument and play it. 

Her humor is dark and wickedly funny.

She is a published poet. 

A sought after ukulele player.

A great friend to those who " get her" 

She is Molly . She does have Autism.

She also has brown hair, blue eyes. 

She is going through the same awkward teen years we have all experienced.

She is amazing, she is mine. 

As moms we are only as happy as our most unhappy child. 

As the leader of my family,  I feel like each day my heart, head and focus get thrown into a cup shaken around.

I am never quite sure what is going to tumble out. 

We have removed ourselves from the norms of the world and we have created the most beautiful life. 

On our terms, in our own way. 

The opinions of others have no place in our world.

For a 12 year old girl,  Asperger's is a Super Power. 

In Molly's world there is no gray.

There is no emotional rollercoaster of puberty. 

It either is, or it isn't.

She is lucky.

She avoids the drama that I see other kids struggling with.

The pettiness of " I am mad at you today because you are wearing blue."  type mean teen drama.

In Molly's brain, there is no time for such low level thinking. 

She dissects those thought patterns until she understands their why.

Then tells us we should feel sorry for THEM. 

She is 50 % fact, 50 % empathic love. 

You are either with Molly or you are not.

With that though comes the lack of social cues, the inability to read if someone is her friend or a foe.

The inability to process and place complicated emotional layers.

Her thoughts are so exciting to her, she has a hard time not interrupting conversations.

When she does connect with someone she is just so excited to be engaged in conversation she gets so animated, she is so expressive and passionate, it's fun to watch.

She is like a big dog wagging its tail.

She is so excited someone is HEARING her. Engaged and interested.

Don't we all just want to be heard ? 

Some of the kids she has grown up with have moved past her.

I get it.

All of these kids are trying to find where they fit.

So is Molly , and if you love her, you love her enthusiasm and passion.

You love that she is light, you love that she just wants to understand what makes you tick. 

She wants to be your friend, your supporter and wants you to respect her. 

You will respect that noise bothers her.

Sometimes she needs to adapt her behaviors because otherwise

her brain is overloaded. 

It's on par with knowing a fire alarm is going to be pulled but just waiting for it to happen.

Anxiety, Anticipation, Nervousness.

She gets overwhelmed. She shuts down, when it is really bad she checks out. 

Middle School has been tough. 

 I just wish I could send her to school everyday with this sign on her shirt. 

I am an includer.

 A collector of people.

 I believe that my life is better for every single person I meet. 

Good or Bad , our mental collective creates change. 

I learn the most from the people I am very different from.

Autism comes in many shapes and forms, some kids have more outward behaviors. 

A grocery store can take a Child with Autism out .

Cripple them to an infant like state.

Don't judge, offer support.

A knowing smile, a little understanding, just decent human kindness goes a long way. 

If you are judging, make sure your life is perfect. 

I am a better person for having the Special Needs community in my life. 

Daily, I am reminded to be thankful for what I have. 

To be grateful. 

Some days I am raw, broken, defeated. 

Some days I conquer the world. 

I was told I was Angry about Molly's Aspergers. 

I am actually thankful.

Her Asperberger's has removed my inability to see what is Good in the World.

When all is said and done, when my time on this Earth is over, I hope we live in a world of inclusion, of everyone, all abilities, all treated with the same respect that you would want to be treated with. 

Want to know more ? Ask me, talk to me and just know that you can always sit with me. 


About Me..

Jill Ehrlich

I started my first company at 13 years old. In 2005 I walked away from a 6 figure job to create a company where women can work flex time and raise a family. Our Company ShopLuLu.com is a job training site for young adults with exceptional abilities. Mom and Wife, my girls are now both tweens and we are living a life of adventure. Splitting our time between Delaware and New York City we are living a life on our terms. 

What's Good ? The Prime Guide to Easter and Passover

Let Prime Save Your Spring Holidays

   ............. so you can Enjoy Like a BOSS

While shoveling snow last week I realized that the Spring Holidays have Snuck up on Me ! 

Last Easter, my kids and I swam neck deep in the Delaware Bay. 

This year, Mukluks and Easter Baskets ! Lamb Shank and Layers.

I never worry, I know Prime has got my back. I have put together some of the best Prime Finds I could find to save your holiday.

 I love Prime, in a pinch it allows me to squeeze in a little gift for a time when I just can't make it home, from Pets to Babies and everything in between. I have covered all the important holiday details right here. 

Let's get started !  Full Disclosure, we are Celebretaurions - we created our own " thing "  we celebrate all holidays. Invite us over. We will show up with the right gift  ! 

FTC Required Disclosure... There is no shame in my hustle game.... 

I am  proud to offer honest, useful, and well-researched content for ShopLuLu readers. I only recommend products that I believe in, and, except where a post is clearly labeled as “Sponsored,” I do not receive free samples or other incentives from product manufacturers in exchange for including them in a recommendation post.I do, however, participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.  This means that you buy certain products from Amazon through links we provide, we may receive a commission on the sale. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with questions.

Shop LuLu... by Prime

A few Spring Ideas from Us to your to Finish Off your Spring Look . All  Primeable and Ready to Go 

Click the Pic to be Taken to our Wonderful tiny little spot of Amazon Prime.  

Where would I be without Prime in my Life ? 

Pastel Fan Earrings
Anna Necklace Set
Mama Bear Necklace
Blossom Scarf
Blush Pink Floral Poncho
Sky Blue Whale Scarf

Gifting... by Prime

2 Days... Boom , Done, Gift Wrapping Available on Most Products. 

How do you Jew ? Passover Edition

A Fun Passover Icebreaker

Moving up from the kids table ? Breathe some life back into the family seder with a box of How do you Jew - Passover Icebreaker cards. 

Amazon Prime Flower Deliver

Did you know that you can get fresh Flower Arrangements on Prime ? 
I kid you not, see the full line of available arrangements ... LIFESAVER !!!

 Prime Power ! 

Echo Products

Pretty Much Any Echo Product 
My Prime powered life is run but an army of these little ladies, Alexa tells me where to go, how to get there and what the weather is going to be , I love her, she loves me, our relationship is the healthiest one I have. 

Barnett's Cookie Gift Box

Barnett's Gourmet Cookie Gift Box. 
 A beautiful and delicious assortment of Gourmet dipped cookies. Handcrafted from only premium ingredients, using delicious nuts, chocolate and toppings. Kosher CRC

Unlocking Greatness Easter Egg

An Egg with a Cause

 Unlocking Greatness helps 

support children with chronic medical conditions AND the fight against child human trafficking.  A " Healthier " Version is Available too.

Manhattan Toy Baby Bunny

Baby Bunny Dress Up

Manhattan Toy  

has done it again, This baby bunny comes ready to hop into a special little person's heart. 

Big Persons too ! 

Fun, Odd and Needed.. by Prime

Keep Scrolling in there is no Smile in your Soul 

The Trump Passover Haggadah

Yes, this is a Real Product
If you're an afflicted liberal Jew, with an unconservative sense of humor, and you find traditional Seders as dry as matzo, try these radically irreverent political parody Haggadahs this Passover. .

Unicorn Fart Candy

One Candy that Most Kids won't be finding from the Easter Bunny. 

  I can't really say much here except that I am a 46 year old Mother of two tweens who will be mortified that I am sharing this. I thought Potty humor was a perfect pairing to the Trump Haggadah.

Egg Hunt Champion Shirt

Egg Hunt Attire is all the Rage ! 

Celebrate a Winning Hunting Season. There are so many great Easter Shirt Options available on Prime in all shapes, colors and sizes. I love the idea of celebrating a big win ! 

Lot's of Great Easter Tshirts on Prime

Animal Boogers

Allergen Free Animal Boogers Candy 
Frogs, Chicks, Lambs and Bunnies. The best part ? Allergen free. No gluten, dairy, nut, soy or eggs. Made in a gluten and nut free environment. 

Swedish Fish Eggs

The Only Egg I need this Easter ! 
I have a serious Swedish Fish addiction. If you are hosting a community event. have a lot of friends, have kids with a lot of friends or just love those little red fishies like I do this 24 count of Candy Caviar get the job done. 

Passover Plague Masks

Passover Plague Masks
Let's face it, as Jews, we get a bit jonsed in the " Commercialized Holiday Fun " department but let's enjoy these super fun foam masks at the Seder Table. 

Holiday Home.. by Prime

2 Days... Boom , Done, Gift Wrapping Available on Most Products. 

Tissue Paper Palooza

Tissue Paper Palooza

This 27 piece decor kit will up your Spring table game by 121%. Lanterns, Flowers, Stripes and Spinners can be used over and over for all kinds of events. 

Spring Pet Collar

Your Pup Likes being Festive Too 
4 Styles and a few sizes, these spring Pet collars are adorned with everything from Easter Eggs to Spring Blooms 

Bluetooth Party Bulb

The Bluetooth Party Bulb
Show them that you get tech. Over 16 million options , dimmable and a fun Smartbulb to play with from your phone. Set the tone, from party to peaceful. 

100 count bunny napkins

100 Count Bunny Napkins

Let's face it, guests are messy. This megastack of super festive bunny napkins will not only make for a cheerful clean up , you can not look at their jellybean colors and not feel a bit happy on the inside. 

6 Easter Egg Nests

A 6 Pack of Sparkling Easter Egg Nests   
I love little accents that look real but are full of whimsy. My girls would love these. Real enough to be taken home and loved on by a little person, these Egg Nests are a gorgeous accent to a spring table and you get six in your Prime pack. 

Passover Party Pack

Passover Paper Party Pack 

After that 4th cup of wine, kick back and relax. No dishes, no problem this Pesach Passover Party Plate Pack ( say that 3 times fast ) gets the job done. 

Basket Fillers and Small Gifts Under $10

........... by Prime

From Snarky Tweens to Aging Queens and everyone in between. 

Bunny Ears Inflatable Ring Game

Bunny Ears Inflatable Ring Toss Game 
Family Fun for everyone. Nothing like Making Memories while trying to hit your sibling in the face with an inflatable ring. 

LED Light Up Shoe Laces

Fancy Feet - LED Light Up Laces 
Super Fun, Waterproof and good for up to 40 hours these laces are a GOOD TIME ! 

imac skins

iMac Skins 
Dress Up that iMac with fun and fancy keyboard skins. Make work feel fun again ! 

Chocolate Bunny Rubber Duckies

Chocolate Bunny Ducks 
Fun for everyone, a dozen chocolate rubber ducky bunnies can be yours before Easter on Prime.  

Chakra Crystal Set

Chakra Meditation Crystal Set  
Need an extra bit of Om to get you through the family celebration - this set can be your go to. Chakra Balancing, hold onto one in your hand as a soothing stone or if it's really bad warm them up and rub them on your temple to help with that tension headache. It's not about religion, it's about soothing your soul. 

Money Box

When you Run out of Gift Ideas, Cash is Always King

But at least have some fun with it. For the price, this Trekbest Cash Cube is as inexpensive as some of the Greeting Cards that I have picked up latey. 

What's Good - March 21, 2018

What's Good ?

A bubbling of love and friendship. A bit of this, some advice about that. 

It's more life, less Lulu. 

My unique set of geeky computer skills, my CEOing of a successful 13 year old Fashion Accessory company keeps me on point of fashion trends and the fact that all of that comes in a Plus Size package makes me a rare, chubby media unicorn. 

I hope you enjoy. Stick with me as I work this all out but I promise to keep it real ! 

My crew and I will be embarking on a series of road trip adventures .. I am super lucky, my husband, Jeremy lives and works in NYC so we have an apartment there. My company Shop LuLu is now there too and while we call Wilmington, Delaware our " school home " we pretty much get out of town fast and furiously the minute school is out. Somehow I have always lived a life less ordinary. I don't subscribe to what I am " supposed to do " and I am a believer that every single person that we meet leaves an imprint on me and I hope I leave a positive imprint on them too.  Molly is 12, she is a future rock star and Cookie is 11.  They are magic. Now that they are old enough to pack their own suitcases our travel journey is about to begin ! 

Full Legal FTC Disclosure - Any link that you click that takes you to a site where you may want to buy something may be a link which may mean I get paid. There is no shame in my hustle game . Someone has to pay for guinea pig food and keeping the chihuahuas alive. 

March 21, 2018

Rock your Socks for World Down Syndrome Awareness Day ! 

The brainchild of my friend Kristin Pidgeon in honor of her daughter Aliza to raise Down Syndrome Awareness. Now supported by the Down Syndrome Associate of Delaware, Rock your Socks has grown to be a HUGE and well known experience. Schools and Companies sell mismatched socks and wearing them shows your support . It's genius and it includes everyone, at every age. I come from a world of inclusion. Both of my daughters were born prematurely. Luckily we live in an area  that has an amazing Pre-School designed for children that are developmentally delayed. We are very thankful for Bush PreSchool and a lot of my first friends in Delaware were made there. I have to say, I was shocked to hear kids in Cookie's 5th grade class using the word Retard this year. They went on to tell her that Retard was ok because it was like stupid. I have never been more proud of my girl, she stood strong and would not stop fighting with the kids until the school finally after 3 weeks stepped in to address the issue. It really showed me that the fight isn't over yet and it also leads me to tell you that ShopLuLu is an integrated workplace. We are a job training site for a program in our district that creates real life on the job training for young adults with exceptional abilities between the ages of 18 - 21. You can read more about our Journey with these amazing young people here. 

Snow Day Rituals

I am not known for my cooking skills. Let me rephrase that... I AM known for my cooking skills like burning rice , heating up a bagel you get the idea.  So I am in no position to tell you how to cook but I am in a position to tell you that you can buy the following 5 Ingredients at any Walgreens, Rite Aid or CVS and make a Crockpot of edible and homemade Mac n Cheese.  

Easy Crockpot Mac n Cheese

  1. 6 Cups Milk ( you can use pretty much anything, Soy, Cow, Unsweetened Almond )
  2. 1/2 Cup Flour
  3. 2 Cups any Grated Cheese you can find, I usually go for the sharpest Cheddar
  4. A pinch of Salt
  5. 4 Cups Uncooked Elbow Macaroni  

I have a huge crockpot - this one.  Spray it really well with non stick cooking spray. 

Put your flour and salt in a Saucepan - the whisk in your milk til there are no lumps

Heat at medium high until it boils and thickens, then add your cheese. 

Let that melt together. 

You can put your noodles in here but I throw them in the crockpot and then pour the melted cheese mixture over it and then mix it all up. 

Cook on low for 2 1/2 hours or High for an hour. It depends on your crockpot but we like ours less creamy more lumpy so the longer it's in the more it gets " baked "

Look at that, I gave you a recipe ! 

It's a good base you can pretty much throw anything in there, you have around but it gets the job done and I buy more groceries at my local pharmacies than I can to admit to so this works for me. 

Sweet Almond Oil by Viva Naturals

I take some time for Self Care. I shower. Not the , " I am late for carline, running out the door with wet hair shower I normally take ". I use the hot water, all of it, with no apology. On snow days I treat  my hair and skin to an extra generous amount of Sweet Almond Oil. I used it on everything. hair, skin, even on my lips. It is all natural and I only use Viva Naturals that you can find on Prime. I am 46, I have not ONE wrinkle or line.

 I swear by Sweet Almond Oil. 

WaterProof Uno

We play UNO for hours

I travel with UNO. I find that it's the one game that all 4 members of my family actually will sit and play for hours. It's fun and everyone seems to have played at some point in their life. 

I always have a game pack in my purse.  

This particular set above is GENIUS - it's waterproof. It's called UNO H20 and the cards are clear plastic. 

I need to upgrade my own deck. 

I hear summer is coming ???

I also found this great Uno carrying case on Prime. I may need to ditch my old Ziplock

Shred Inflatable Sled

We Sled. Even I sled ! I have so much fun. I just do the little hill in our yard while Jeremy is at work but it gets the job done. I just want my girls to look back on these snow days and remember how much fun we had and that I had fun with them. 

I hate the cold. I really do but I love the snow and the fun we have. I laugh at myself. I am always the first one to fall and that's ok. I hate when things clutter our garage and I am a big fan of inflatables. For Christmas Santa brought Cookie this Shredz Steerable Sled. This sled is a ton of fun and it's a pretty thick material and not too expensive in case it meets an angry pinecone. 

Today's Deal... An Online Find for What's on My Mind..... 

Since we spent most of our fun money on our Trip to tulum, we are headed to NYC for SPRING BREAK. I am hoping the weather is kinder to us than it is today. I need a few pieces to wear that work well for keeping me looking cute but also versatile enough for a warm spring day. 

The Simple Striped Shirt Dress from Target.com... on Sale ! 

On Clearance at Target - This Plus Size Striped Shirt Dress. Under $20, it's perfect to for those days that won't end. Comfy day shoe and simple jewelry in the day, flip it to something a big more bold for the evening with a cute sandal. 

It's Also Available in Sizes for your Less Curvy Mamas ! Click the Photos for Buying Details. 

Outlet Clearance Sale

I am having a massive clearance sale on ShopLuLu.com - I am closing my Delaware office and there are a ton of Scarves and Jewelry on Sale starting at $1.00

And finally....  this Girl 

This is just my opinion ... but she has great insight on what really is wrong in schools. 

For the Girls that are Always in my Heart....

I want you to Know

If you haven't heard by now, I have decided to close the Delaware office. 

It isn't you... it's me.  Actually, it's my daughters. It's my desire to be a mother who doesn't suck. 

I want you know how much I struggle with the decision of what to do with my life in Delaware.  My business life that is because I love the heck out of all of you. You are my story. You are so very important to me.  

I started Shop LuLu in 2005 as online handbag business. I grew up in a house where my parents owned retail businesses, I know the toll it takes on a family  and when I was starting I was committed to being  100 % online.  Then I found that with purses everyone wanted to try them on, try them out, I found the Farmer's Market and thought how bad could this be, it's only two days a week.  I missed seeing my kids grow up on the weekend, the birthday parties, the family time. 

 I don't regret the amazing times I have had with all of you, I do regret not being more present when they were little. 

Last Saturday morning  a friend posted a photo of her two adorable children, they were having breakfast, they had a Sesame Street paper plate, the cute water bottle, kids just being kids on a Saturday morning. " I did that too, I miss those days " ran through my mind. 

 My brain flashed and  I realized that my girls don't remember any of that, the cute paper plates, the Mickey shaped pancakes, the water bottles in the theme of their cartoon dujour but I worked so hard to make every waking minute of their day the most magical it could be.

 It worked because I am honored that both of my girls believe that I make magic happen. 

What they don't know is that my magic sort of expired, as they got older, and now as eye rolling teens, I have sort of backed off, I have given them their space, I let them be and it has been ok because I have a busy life. 

The one thing everyone asks me is " How do you do it all ? "  

 I have always answered either, " I just do" or" I do it all but I don't do any of it well"

That right there, that indifference to not doing all of my jobs well because I have too many is the reason why I have decided to close the Delaware office. I do everything to it's fullest. I don't half ass anything but I am just too full.

  I am not doing anything well. I am not being critical of myself. I am being honest. 

I realized that THIS is the time that my girls will remember. 

THIS is when they need my magic. 

THIS is the stuff that good mothers are made of. 

This time, this place. 

 I need to be present.

 I want to live a life without being attached to a phone.

 My time is sacred to me. 

Money I can make, I don't get a do over on time. 

 I want to make sure that I am leaving my girls with the right memories. The memories that their mom loves to travel, that when they talk to me I am listening.  I want them to accept everyone, judge no one. 

Be GOOD humans. 

Be Present and have a burning passion for a life less ordinary.

I have never lived an ordinary life and while being a mom and having a Delaware office have rooted me for a bit, it's time to get back to a life full of wander. 

ShopLuLu.com will go on forever. I have a person who packs in New York

I will still do what I do, other than that office not being there LuLu will still go on.

Only a tiny part of what I do comes from local customers,our business has grown and only like 5 % of my revenue comes from our locals. 

 I love you and seeing you but it costs me over a thousand dollars a month to keep that office. It's time to let it go. 

Jeremy and I will continue going back and forth to NYC.

 We will be muling jewelry and orders just like always.

Most of my customers are my friends, Jen and I are glad to deliver and I am setting up a super cute office / studio at home. 

Jen will be staying with me. We will continue to work with SITE. They will get all of our products ready to go to Amazon.

Job training for these exceptional kids is my heart song.  

I will be converting the site to Free Shipping for All Orders. 

I have been made an offer to work for a Media company to  take my life, my family and my business and fold them into a marketing and media campaign. A lot more details to come as this unfolds. There is so much to tell you about here but it's super exciting ! 

Right now we are shipping all of our Delaware inventory to Prime locations across the country. You will be able to find me on ShopLuLu.com and on Amazon plus our regular Facebook etc.

We are in the process of building up  Cozy by LuLu on Amazon Prime. 

Once  we are done sending everything off. We will clean house and have one of those massive sales that you all love. 

My life right now is moving forward and sometimes change is messy. 

Thank you for understanding, you support, friendship and caring are truly what having a small, local , mom owned community business is all about. 



this post and all posts on ShopLuLu may contain affiliate links 


Blush Pink Everything ! 

I love blush pink but I hate wearing it

I love it on everyone else but when I have it on I feel a bit, shall we say, Nude. Do you have a color that you feel that way in ? No matter how much you love it, you just don't feel comfortable ? 

I love it on you, hate it on me but I do like to surround myself with as much of it as I can.

 I find that hues are a bit more subtle this spring with an almost matted overlay if it's on Fashion Accessories. Here is a collection of my most favorite Blush Pink finds from ShopLuLu.com and Amazon Prime. 

 I think every adult woman should have at least one Tutu in her closet. It brings out the little girl with wide eyes to a world of possibilities and reminds us to keep being silly. 

It's the perfect piece to dress up, dress down or just have some fun with. I have one a friend made for me, it's black but I use it a lot more often than I would have imagined. 

This post contains affiliate links. 

Featured finds

Blush Pink Tutu

Nothing can make you feel more Carrie Bradshaw that keeping a pink Tutu in your closet. Available on Prime

More Blush Pink to Wear 

See a Product you LOVE ?  Just click the picture 

You will be magically transported to Shop LuLu where you can get product details. 

Blush Pink Jumpsuit
Plus Size Blush Pink Jumpsuit

I am obsessing over these Adrianna Pappell jumpsuits. They come in Petite to Plus and I think they are amazing. Her pieces are a bit more expensive but they are so very worth it. 

Rose Quartz Natural Stone Bracelet a Shop LuLu Customer Favorite

Known as the Heart Stone, Rose Quartz can bring love and light to it's wearer. From ShopLuLu.com

High Waisted Blush PInk Evening Skirt

The Skirt is AMAZING

It has rave reviews and a ton of user photos for styling ideas and reviews. It is a FIND and available in many sizes and colors and they will even custom make one for you !

Blush Pink Dress with Pocket

Who doesn't love a dress with pockets? 

I see a lot of dresses that I like, but I will take a dress with pockets any day. There is something comfortable and convenient that makes me always pick a pocket.

Blush Pink Flower Poncho From Shop LuLu

An Easy Pullover Poncho

A wonderful travel companion. Light Knit in an oversized floral print and on trend with decorative tassel ties. 

Generous in Size 

These Pieces are ShopLuLu.com Best Sellers. New this season is the gorgeous Kimono.  It has a gold foil that is hard to see but our customer have been swooning and it fits everyone. Our Blush Pink Lace Skinny Scarf  is amazing for Spring. Have a little Housewife Drama in you ? Check out our Tassel Sparklers too. You don't need to be Lisa Vanderpump to afford these babies.  

For the Home

Leaving a Message Can be So Much Fun ! 

Do you leave quotes around the house ? Right now the standing message for our girls is " Did you Try your Hardest " being a kid is hard enough these days isn't it ? This great board has so much potential to inspire greatness.

Blush Pink Message Board
Blush Pink Flameless Candles

Blush Pink Flameless Candles

So Amazing and if you are busy and can't remember if you have blown out the candle... no need to worry. Flicker option and even a 24 hour timer. 

Blush Pink Pet Haven

Kitties and Chihuahuas Love Blush Too!

You are not the only one that loves Blush- Lulu tells me it's one of her favorite colors too. Other Colors of this fabulous find available. 

Blush Pink 10x Magnification Mirror

10X Magnification to see those Pores!

I can't spend 10 minutes reading a book but I can stare at every single tiny inch of my skin for over 2 hours. 

Blush Pink and Cactus Crib Bedding

Blush Pink and Cactus Baby Bedding

For your favorite trendy baby ! Cactuses are such a think right now ! Blush Makes them less prickly 

The Perfect Rest

I had one of these growing up. It's so comfy for reading and now for my girls with their iPads

Nap Queen Pillow

No funny words of wisdom

here, I just need to own this. 

Smile Shower Curtain 

What a Happy Way to Start your Day. 

Truffle Bath Bombs

Gift Alert ! Send a friend a Soak

 These Brubaker Truffle Bath Bombs  look good enough to eat!

Drew Barrymore Dryer

Who Knew Drew Barrymore had a Beauty Line..

She has a great and cute line of Blush Pink Styling Accessories

Blush Pink Tie from the Tie Bar

Real Men Wear Blush 

NYC's own Tie Bar has a line of good looking ties.

The Most Amazing Towel 

This little baby has some serious drying power. Available in 2 sizes, and many colors. It is Lightweight and comes in a cute little mesh carrying case. The Extra Large Size is perfect for the pool but weighs under 9 oz dry. Perfect for that carry on for a quick escape and can double as a Yoga mat. 

Super Towel
Blush PInk Canopy

Blush Pink Hanging Canopy

Everyone Deserves to Feel like a princess. Extra Large Canopy for a  Girls Room or a Play Space. Great Decor space. 

Wander Plus Prime Giveaway

A  Prize Pack from 

Wander Plus 

Wander Plus  is the life and travel of Jill - owner of ShopLuLu.com. After spending almost 15 years as an Ecommerce Entrepreneur I am taking my show on the road. My focus is on Fashion for everyone with a special love for my plus size friends, a life being lived well and not letting go of my love for travel. My family will join me as I try out life on the road while running ShopLuLu.com

This Prize Pack is for 

1 Super Maneuver  X Large Towel in your Choice of Colors 

1 $10 Amazon E-Gift Card 

1 $10 ShopLuLu.com E Gift Card

Wander Plus Prime is a division of Staffing Network LLC. We are not affiliated with Amazon. We are a Social Media company that is focused on Consumer Awareness of products sponsored by ShopLuLu.com and Amazon. If you have a product that you would like to be considered for an upcoming feature please reach out to jill@wanderplusprime.com. All Items Featured are Paid Considerations.  Every Product Placed is an affiliate linked ad. 

The Future is... Prime

I have looked into my Future and it is all powered by Prime.

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