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I Am Going to Cananda !

I Am Going to Cananda !

September 27, 2017

 I hope the Norwegian Gem to Canada has Plenty of Tito's ! 

I may as well start apologizing to my fellow passengers now. These tired parents of two  and proffesional party people are heading to the high seas. 

Never in a Million Years Did I think That Those Words Would Roll off of My Tongue. 
Don't get Me Wrong I have Nothing Against Canada , but for me a Vacation Involves my Butt in Some Sand, Palm Trees and a Cocktail of an Unnatural Color. 
Mr. LuLu aka Jeremy turned 40 this year so I am whisking him away for a week , his dream has always been to take a cruise north and now that my girls are old enough, Carol is coming and we are going to say Bon Voyage for a week. 
When I return I will have full hours, a full stock of goods, and hopefully, it will feel like Fall !
In the meantime, I don't know how any of us Moms do it. I am struggling with the juggling. Molly is now in Middle School, Cookie is almost Done Elementary School and trying to get them squared away PLUS get myself packed for this cruise has been hard !! That is where Amazon Prime has saved me. 
Here are a few of the things that I an talking about this week to my friends that have totally blown me away from Prime ! 
I can't even believe that I am about to tell you about a bathing suit that I found on Prime for Under 20 Dollars. You know what I am working with in the boobs and butt department. 
I am built like a 2 years old.  This Bathing Suit,  On Prime. I can not believe how great it looks on me. I actually like wearing it and all my pieces are right where they should be. 



I originally ordered it online from China and in fear that it wasn't going to arrive on time I happened to stumble upon it on Amazon while looking for the amazing dress below !  It's thick , those sheer panels are somehow flattering on my body and I feel good in it. I now have 2, that is how much I love it. 
THIS DRESS is amazing too !!!  If you need a bit of a Fashion Emergency type of delivery - I could not be happier with either purchase. I did size both up by 2 sizes. They are definitely " China Sized " but if you know me and you know what I am working with in the body department, these finds are awesome !! 

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