The Best is the Worst Thing that Can Happen to the Good December 06 2015, 0 Comments

It's a quiet Sunday in my office. No phones ringing, the internet orders are starting to slow down and I am alone with my thoughts.  It's nice. 

I heard a quote similar to this in a movies last night, I don't think it's a literal translation from the French but it really made me think.  The Best is the Worst Enemy of the Good. It actually took my breath away. 

I feel like I am surrounded by a life of looking for The Best, our customers are looking for the Best Gift, I am looking for the Best Life for my children, the Best Restaurant is always out there. We give awards for the Best. LuLu's has had it's Best Year ever but what if next year isn't it's best ? 

When did good become not good enough ? 

If I spend my time always looking for the best, don't I miss the here and now ?

The thought of being happy in the good and in the moment definitely changed my morning. I went out with my daughter and we bought our first holiday tree together. It isn't the best, but it's good enough and we love it. Tonight we are celebrating Hanukkah with my family. I am working all day , we are going out, it may not be the best meal or the best restaurant but we are together and that is good enough.

I am going to start focusing more on the good enoughs. I am a lucky girl. I have health and love and life and family and friends and they are enough. I am enough. You are enough - let's be enough together. 

Wishing Everyone a Good Holiday Season ! 



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