I am so not crafty... February 04 2013, 1 Comment

I will be the first to admit, once something falls outside of the realm of accessorizing. I am useless. I am a decent mother, a good wife but I sure can't cook and I really have no patience when it comes to doing any sort of craft project so I am going to brag a little bit on this one. By no means do I think these are the most amazing home works I have ever seen but believe me, if you saw the pile of ruined styrofoam I bought last summer to make a headboard or the 18 different poorly spray painted woodland creature statues in my garage you would understand my excitement. 

First up - I am OBSESSED with the online Photo Editor Pic Monkey - and my Facebook Page for LuLu's has been the benefactor but I thought - hey why not let me try my hand at doing a graphic for my home. I started small. We just are in the final stages of finishing the kids playroom and making it more of a family friendly hang out now that they are older. We painted the walls in something called Eagles Nest, they are warm and rich. I found a close up photo of an old afghan in chervon print online, I played around with the colors and then added text. The first line is my birthday, the second in my husbands, the highlighted date is the day we got married followed by both girls birthdays. I had in printed as a poster at Walgreens for about 5 dollars and found an old frame in the garage - wal lah - instant wall art. 

My second big project is that we had these old ugly dark brown bookshelves - I bought some wrapping paper at Marshall's for 3.99 a roll and lined the back of the shelves. I love the look and the update cost me under 8.00 dollars.