Defunk that Skunky Bag !

December 23, 2012

 You have a bag that you love, you adore it, worship it, play in it, got lost in it. It's an extension of you, it's not the way you haul your stuff, it's a fashion statement. Then the unthinkable happens, you get caught in a storm, you dump a baby bottle in it  or it has been a favorite for a while and it's just getting funky, musty and skunky.  For me, this happened....... 

Smelly Bag

Was the subject line of email I received  from a customer that had recently purchase a bag from us.  I hate to say it but once or twice a year we receive an exceptionally smelly bag. I haven't been able to pinpoint the source of the smell but it is foul. Sort of like a big fish was caught, left in the bag then they shipped it overseas to us. We don't notice it in the store because when we process new arrivals things come in so fast and furious that we don't have time to stop and smelly the sparkles. So when I got the email, I knew what the problem was and I also had the solution. I want to share it with you - not because I am worried that you will get a smelly bag from us but sometimes bags get abused.  Here is my pretty much tried and true way to defunk your skunky bag.

The first step is to Freeze the bag ( and this also works for smelly shoes )  - Place the bag in a brown paper bag. Freezing the bag kills any bacteria that may be living in the purse playing hostess to that awful smell. 

Let the bag freeze over night. 

In the morning remove the bag. It will most likely be crunchy and you will be shocked at how much moisture will be seen - hang it out to thaw. 

Make a mixture of 80 % White Vinegar and water and very lightly mist the bag. DO NOT soak it, just give it a light misting. Let dry. Give it a sniff test.  Repeat if necessary

I have not tried this process on leather, only on synthetic materials but just like anything else, you may want to try a vinegar spot test to make sure the fabrics and materials don't run.  

And if all else fails and your bag is just a stinker, maybe it's time that you come and see me at LuLu's ! 


Jill aka LuLu

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