2205 SilverSide - A One Act Play & a Back to School Giveaway August 05 2015, 0 Comments

Typical Day in My Life  ( I am at the grocery store, school, etc. with my kids in tow ) 
Lovely Lady : Oh Hey LuLu - Where is Your New Store ? 
Me : (getting fidgety) Well, we really don't have a "store" anymore but you can always come to my office/showroom and shop. 
Lovely Lady : 
When we left Booths Corner Market it was to change things up a bit. After almost 10 years of working weekends, my family really needed me. I moved to an office to support our online business .For whatever the reason our customers just stopped coming to Booths Corner and started shopping with us online. I was doing curbside delivery for so many people because they just didn't want to deal with the market. There is no big story as to why we left but people always want one. My Answer is always the same, Booths Corner was part of my journey, never my destination. 
When we first moved to 2205 my vision was to fill the office with women who had children who needed part time jobs with flexible schedules. Typing away, packing and shipping. What I never expected and the thing that I am moved by the most is YOU, The awesome, loyal , local customers who started knocking on the door. Who wanted to come inside and who wanted their " LuLu Fix " 
I love you all for that. 
Really, I do. 
But I wasn't prepared, I wasn't prepared for the retail, I wasn't prepared for the weekends and I wasn't happy with the appearance of the space because I wasn't really thinking you would all come in . You can tell, the signs say Style Studio as that is our legal name. I was ok with it on the signs because I thought, who is really going to look for us  - Thank you for Making Me Wrong. 
So I took the summer off to work from the beach, spend it with my family and recharge. It has been wonderful. Now we are gearing up to relaunch LuLu's Style Studio 2.0. We are hiring a new team to work the showroom so I can have the flexibility I was looking for and my dream is coming full circle. Looking for a part time job ? Add yourself to the list here and we will be in touch soon. 
We will be reopening on Saturday, September 19th. We really need the support of the community to keep the hours which in turns create jobs. We thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you soon.  We will have a preview day for our VIPS. To Get On the List and Be Entered to Win This Awesome Fall Gift Pack of our Best Selling Cable Knit Infinity, Dream a Little Dream Silk Feel Infinity and Leaf Hair Pins.  Leave a comment Below and be Sure to Like our Facebook Post that got you here. 
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