Lost in Translation November 21 2013, 1 Comment

I have been buying costume jewelry for LuLu's for almost 10 years now and I don't know if it is that I am in the height of my season and I am on overdrive or if only sleeping 4 hours a night has finally caught up to me but as I was buying this morning these holiday pieces made me stop and feel overly compelled to share. 
Because Nothing Says Christmas like Jaundice Santa 
Is Santa bringing Jesus a gift ? Is this biblically accurate ? I am a Budish ( my version of half Buddhist half Jewish ) , but I am pretty sure this isn't how it went down. Was Santa a Wise Man ? Confused. 
And my personal favorite 
Just What the F ? Seriously, creepy mismatched glowy follow you eyes. The tongue ? What the F ????  I will not sleep.