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Lucky you ! Are you here because you received this month's scarf ?  Check Out this great Collection of Scarf Styling Tips for Incorporating an Oversize Scarf into your Spring Wardrobe. 



The Best is the Worst Thing that Can Happen to the Good December 06 2015, 0 Comments

It's a quiet Sunday in my office. No phones ringing, the internet orders are starting to slow down and I am alone with my thoughts.  It's nice. 

I heard a quote similar to this in a movies last night, I don't think it's a literal translation from the French but it really made me think.  The Best is the Worst Enemy of the Good. It actually took my breath away. 

I feel like I am surrounded by a life of looking for The Best, our customers are looking for the Best Gift, I am looking for the Best Life for my children, the Best Restaurant is always out there. We give awards for the Best. LuLu's has had it's Best Year ever but what if next year isn't it's best ? 

When did good become not good enough ? 

If I spend my time always looking for the best, don't I miss the here and now ?

The thought of being happy in the good and in the moment definitely changed my morning. I went out with my daughter and we bought our first holiday tree together. It isn't the best, but it's good enough and we love it. Tonight we are celebrating Hanukkah with my family. I am working all day , we are going out, it may not be the best meal or the best restaurant but we are together and that is good enough.

I am going to start focusing more on the good enoughs. I am a lucky girl. I have health and love and life and family and friends and they are enough. I am enough. You are enough - let's be enough together. 

Wishing Everyone a Good Holiday Season ! 



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2205 SilverSide - A One Act Play & a Back to School Giveaway August 05 2015, 0 Comments

Typical Day in My Life  ( I am at the grocery store, school, etc. with my kids in tow ) 
Lovely Lady : Oh Hey LuLu - Where is Your New Store ? 
Me : (getting fidgety) Well, we really don't have a "store" anymore but you can always come to my office/showroom and shop. 
Lovely Lady : 
When we left Booths Corner Market it was to change things up a bit. After almost 10 years of working weekends, my family really needed me. I moved to an office to support our online business .For whatever the reason our customers just stopped coming to Booths Corner and started shopping with us online. I was doing curbside delivery for so many people because they just didn't want to deal with the market. There is no big story as to why we left but people always want one. My Answer is always the same, Booths Corner was part of my journey, never my destination. 
When we first moved to 2205 my vision was to fill the office with women who had children who needed part time jobs with flexible schedules. Typing away, packing and shipping. What I never expected and the thing that I am moved by the most is YOU, The awesome, loyal , local customers who started knocking on the door. Who wanted to come inside and who wanted their " LuLu Fix " 
I love you all for that. 
Really, I do. 
But I wasn't prepared, I wasn't prepared for the retail, I wasn't prepared for the weekends and I wasn't happy with the appearance of the space because I wasn't really thinking you would all come in . You can tell, the signs say Style Studio as that is our legal name. I was ok with it on the signs because I thought, who is really going to look for us  - Thank you for Making Me Wrong. 
So I took the summer off to work from the beach, spend it with my family and recharge. It has been wonderful. Now we are gearing up to relaunch LuLu's Style Studio 2.0. We are hiring a new team to work the showroom so I can have the flexibility I was looking for and my dream is coming full circle. Looking for a part time job ? Add yourself to the list here and we will be in touch soon. 
We will be reopening on Saturday, September 19th. We really need the support of the community to keep the hours which in turns create jobs. We thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you soon.  We will have a preview day for our VIPS. To Get On the List and Be Entered to Win This Awesome Fall Gift Pack of our Best Selling Cable Knit Infinity, Dream a Little Dream Silk Feel Infinity and Leaf Hair Pins.  Leave a comment Below and be Sure to Like our Facebook Post that got you here. 
To Win 1. Leave a Comment At the End of this Post
2. Leave a Comment on our Facebook Page that you Left a Comment or something Silly. 

A Summer Scarf Trick that Even You Can Do ! July 08 2015, 0 Comments

I love the idea of Accessorizing in the Summer but some days it's just too hot for a big full scarf. This little tying technique is super easy and it's a great way to add color and give you a chance to pull out those great scarves you have tucked away. 

Winter Holiday Hours December 28 2014, 0 Comments

The word is out...celebrity fashion bloggers love LuLu's! November 04 2014, 0 Comments













Yes, We Did ! October 01 2014, 0 Comments

Flattered, Grateful, Humbled and REALLY Excited. 
As if things couldn't get better .... THIS HAPPENED 
Thank you !!!  We won all three awards in two states. Seriously, somebody pinch me !!! 
When I have felt down, someone has come in and made me laugh. 
When I have questioned my own ambitions, my successes and my failures, one of you funny ladies have come in here and kicked my butt back into shape 
And just when I am full of pride and want to be boastful, LuLu poops on the floor and reminds me what my job really is. 
Thank you , thank you for 10 years of love, laughter and tears. Looking forward to many more
xoxo, Jill 

This Week's Showroom Hours 10/2 October 01 2014, 0 Comments

It's a Full Week at Shop Lulu 

Thursday 10 - 2 

Friday 10 - 8

Saturday 10 - 6 

Auctions are back with Shop LuLu's "Thirsty Thursdays"! October 01 2014, 0 Comments

We are so excited to bring back Soldsie to our loyal Facebook customers! 
If you have been craving deals, meet us on our Facebook page at 7pm every Thursday night and quench your thirst for savings! 
Wet your appetite with our specially priced accessories and get in on some great deals you can only find for a very limited time. 
In order to participate in Soldsie, you must first register as a LuLu's buyer at:
Good Luck and Happy Accessorizing! 
Insider Tip!
We've released a very small amount of goodies at a very special price. You may still be able to find these products in our shop, but these special prices are only good until midnight that Thursday evening. 


Hours this Week September 24 2014, 0 Comments

Thursday - We are CLOSED in Observance of Rosh Hashanah 

( and the kids are home from school ) 

Friday 10 - 8

Saturday 10 - 6 

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Check out this Awesome Article Highlight Our 5th Consecutive Philly's Hot List Win in the Delaware News Journal 




Cozy by LuLu - Part of the Sears Fresh Finds Collection ! July 09 2014, 0 Comments


I like to start these posts by saying, I am nothing but a girl with a dream and a plan. I am so excited that Cozy by LuLu has been picked by Sears ( a top ten retailer ) as an up and coming designer collection. They have chosen five pieces of mine for their collections and I am so thankful. OpenSky who has been a mainstay of our e commerce business put this all together and I am looking forward to sharing my Fall 2014 launch exclusively with them.  Dreaming Big ! 


Check this piece out on Sears HERE

Red, White and You from LuLu June 23 2014, 0 Comments



Let me Spoil You with a Little Summer Love from Shop LuLu.  Enter as many ways as you would like. You are being entered to win....


1. Americana Anchor Infinity Scarf which will soon be a part of the Fresh Finds Collection by Sears.

2. A Red Briolette Necklace Set

3. A Giant Inflatable Pretzel Float for Summer Fun 

4. A $25 Gift Card that can be used in the Studio or online at


One Winner Will be Chosen and Notified. A Winner Will be Picked by RaffleCopter.




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We are Moving !!! December 15 2013, 2 Comments

i could not be who I am today without the support, encouragement and engagement of the people who are reading this. To you, my customers, my friends, even the few have made my life more difficult than it needed to be
Thank You
Never did I dream in April, 2005 when I opened our first curtain at Booths Corner did I dream of the path we have walked down together. You have lifted me up, torn me down, given a lot and in return I have grown . I have never felt so empowered, so supported, as I do today. 
Booths Corner has been nothing but a wonderful experience. In the almost ten years that I have been at the market, there have been so many changes in my life that  that the time has come. I need to make some changes that better suit my business and my personal life.
We will be moving our Booths Corner Shop to our new location in January. 
Our New Location will be 
Style Studio by LuLu
2205 Silverside Road
Wilmington, Delaware 19810
It is 3.1 Miles from the Farmer's Market. 
I will post our new hours as soon as we are settled.  
Please Note :  This is NOT a retail store, it is an office building inside we will have a small showroom, our product offerings will remain the same, we will continue to sell online and run our Soldise auctions. The only difference is that you will need to pick up in our new location. 
We will have weekday and weeknight hours / Saturday Hours and we are taking date for private purse parties. 
It's Super Close. Your Gift Cards and Points will Carry Over. 
I will keep you up today date on our move and please follow us and see what is happening
Please Make Sure you Sign Up for our Email List and I promise to keep you up to date on the Move !! 

The Perfect Scarf November 22 2013, 0 Comments

A Winter Time Best Selling Back in Stock
This week in Gray.Black, Yellow and Beige.
Why is it the perfect scarf ?
It's just one scarf can be worn two ways.  You can be and infinity scarf of a regular fashion neck scarf. They choice is yours. Now in stock in shop  and 9.99
If you would like to buy the piece online is is sold Exclusively on OpenSky 
Here is a ( not very good ) video I did for it for Opensky 

Lost in Translation November 21 2013, 1 Comment

I have been buying costume jewelry for LuLu's for almost 10 years now and I don't know if it is that I am in the height of my season and I am on overdrive or if only sleeping 4 hours a night has finally caught up to me but as I was buying this morning these holiday pieces made me stop and feel overly compelled to share. 
Because Nothing Says Christmas like Jaundice Santa 
Is Santa bringing Jesus a gift ? Is this biblically accurate ? I am a Budish ( my version of half Buddhist half Jewish ) , but I am pretty sure this isn't how it went down. Was Santa a Wise Man ? Confused. 
And my personal favorite 
Just What the F ? Seriously, creepy mismatched glowy follow you eyes. The tongue ? What the F ????  I will not sleep. 

We Have a Winner October 14 2013, 0 Comments

Congratulations Jessica - Please Share the Good News Online - And Stop By the Shop to Pick Up your $ 100 Dollar LuLu Gift Card

From Me to you - My Lovely Friends June 26 2013, 2 Comments

Hi Girls - I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone while I explored my option on moving LuLu's out of Booths Corner. I was really looking to move because I wanted to do a full time store and the store in the shopping center that I really wanted just didn't work out. I would have had to put too much of my personal life on the line in order to secure the space and as you know, I am all about my family. I would never want to do anything to jeopardize what we have worked so hard to have and put our family in a bad situation.  It all came down to the lease and it was a lease that our attorney advised us not to sign because if things went badly we could lose our home and to me , that takes all of the fun out of being " LuLu " and made what is a fun and enjoyable business into something scary. So for now, we are staying at Booths Corner - so many good things have been happening - joining Soldsie and becoming the first "C-tailer " in the state of Delaware is rocking and I am so thankful for everyone who has been shopping with us online and in the stores. 

Thru the summer you will see some changes at Booths Corner - some weeks we may not be filled to the roof with Fabulousness - that is simply because we are going to attempt to make some changes, some new paint, a little lipstick on the space that has pretty much been as it has been since we opened in 2005.  

Thank you so much for supporting me , my family, our little LuLu family while I went thru my options and explored the growth potential but for now, the best decision for me is to just stay put - thank you so much for all of the love 


Jill aka LuLu

6 Pieces that have been Trending for Spring March 24 2013, 0 Comments

March has been a weird weird month. Let's just say it is has been Sprinter - not quite spring with it's late snow storms. I know I am ready for some sunny days ahead but what makes this year even harder to dress for is our earlier Easter. Here are the hottest pieces that we have been selling in our shop and have been trending hot hot hot in the fashion circles. All Available Online right now on and our baby sister site  

It will be here - I think ? March 22 2013, 0 Comments


Keep thinking warm thoughts ! 

My Awesome Day with Aveeno March 15 2013, 0 Comments

 I have to admit, I am a lucky girl and I truly believe that if you put good things into the universe, the universe takes care of you. That and knowing people in the advertising industry doesn't hurt but again , it's the balance of the universe. When the email for a casting call first came across my desk looking for someone who doesn't have time for dandruff my first thought was - Ugh, I worry about that every time I try to show someone a scarf. Doing what I do, trying on necklaces for my customers I worry about things, my mind wonders are both boobs in my bra ? , do I have spinach in my teeth , do I have flakes. I was shocked when I was chosen to spend the day in New York at the  Patrick Melville Salon  in Rockafeller Center in New York City. If you know me, you know I spend my time mostly in Delaware but I dabble in the New York life and the Delaware Beach Bum world.  I am very thankful for the experience and I hope that everyone who does suffer from Dandruff tries the new Aveeno Nourish Plus Dandruff control shampoo, it really is an amazing product. Here is my diary from behind the scenes and the final video which is now all over the internet.  Here is my diary from the day 

Meeting up with my little brother ( aka Mr. Single and needs to get married so I can be an Auntie ) who made a lot of this magic happen 

One of my own scarves and the the first look. 

Final Look - I had to borrow the scarf from Jeannine from Beauty Sweet Spot

A few Spins in the Chair at Waa Laa  - 

Here is the final product - Enjoy xoxo Jill aka LuLu 

And the Winner to Lola's Ladies Night Out are.... February 08 2013, 0 Comments

 This is such a fun event I decided to pick three winners  !! Congratulations Ladies !!!! Please email me at and I will give you your ticket code to claim your FREE ticket. 

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I am so not crafty... February 04 2013, 1 Comment

I will be the first to admit, once something falls outside of the realm of accessorizing. I am useless. I am a decent mother, a good wife but I sure can't cook and I really have no patience when it comes to doing any sort of craft project so I am going to brag a little bit on this one. By no means do I think these are the most amazing home works I have ever seen but believe me, if you saw the pile of ruined styrofoam I bought last summer to make a headboard or the 18 different poorly spray painted woodland creature statues in my garage you would understand my excitement. 

First up - I am OBSESSED with the online Photo Editor Pic Monkey - and my Facebook Page for LuLu's has been the benefactor but I thought - hey why not let me try my hand at doing a graphic for my home. I started small. We just are in the final stages of finishing the kids playroom and making it more of a family friendly hang out now that they are older. We painted the walls in something called Eagles Nest, they are warm and rich. I found a close up photo of an old afghan in chervon print online, I played around with the colors and then added text. The first line is my birthday, the second in my husbands, the highlighted date is the day we got married followed by both girls birthdays. I had in printed as a poster at Walgreens for about 5 dollars and found an old frame in the garage - wal lah - instant wall art. 

My second big project is that we had these old ugly dark brown bookshelves - I bought some wrapping paper at Marshall's for 3.99 a roll and lined the back of the shelves. I love the look and the update cost me under 8.00 dollars. 

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Enter here to Win - Winner will be drawn on Thursday ! 

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